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Favorite ThisLiquid Stranger wastes no time in releasing Nomad Vol 3 [Wakaan]

Published: October 8, 2015

By: Kyle Rutherford

Liquid Stranger has been on a bit of a production bender this year, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The Swedish legend has been pushing to create some of the most experimental bass jams out there today, all the while crushing festival stages throughout the summer. His third installment of his Nomad series seems to combine the various styles of bass music he must have experienced throughout his tour.

Slide” is the track on the EP that represents the more heavy, aggressive side of bass music. The tune is a unique combination of the two styles of “futuristic” styles of bass music we’ve seen growing in power over the last year or so. He uses the glistening high synths and soaring females popular in the “future bass” realm, complimented by the dirty saw wave bass lines of the more forward thinking experimental bass producers. The song progressives into even harder, heavier bass tones reminiscent of his 2010 release The Private Riot, released on Excision’s Rottun Recordings.

"Stop" is a bit more upbeat and has a solid groove for the dance floor. The bass has grown into a more guttural sound, while glitched out snyth sounds take over the upper register. The performance wobbles on each chorus could only be considered “clean” from a production standpoint, because these raspy growls are very very dirty.

"Haywire" closes out the release with a bit of a fusion between electronica and glitch-hop influences, but with a more of a light, downtempo feel. The song has a lot more emphasis on the upper register sounds, along with strong reverb on some more angelic tones that give the track a bit of a beautiful, underwater vibe.

Whatever you’re doing to learn how to produce such a wide array of bass styles, I beg you Liquid Stranger, please keep doing it.

Buy Nomad Vol 3 from Liquid Stranger's Wakaan label NOW!

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