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Published: July 9, 2013

By: Ellie Salrin

Lightning in a BottleLightning in a Bottle Festival has erupted and this year is sure to be legendary. The tagline “Choose Your Adventure” is extremely appropriate as the festival is offering an colorful abundance of activities that are creative, unique, and mind-opening.

Lightning in a Bottle originated in 2000 as a private Southern California birthday bash. It became an annual event and shifted to a public festival in 2004. The producers of the event, The Do LaB, specialize in interactive environments, event production, and creative lighting design. The organization puts on concerts in the Los Angeles area as well as bends minds with their performers and installations at Coachella. They are comprised of some talented and enlightened forward-thinkers. Lightning in a Bottle is their mothership and a culmination of expansive art, design, music, areas, and workshops to explore.

Taking place July 11th-15th at Lake Skinner, nestled in the Southern California mountains in Temecula, the festival is hosting some marvelous musicians including Paper Diamond, GRiZ, Emancipator, PANTyRAiD, The Polish Ambassador, Random Rab, Papadosio, Eskmo, and Blockhead along with many others. There will be belly dancers, aerial artists, fire dancers and more performing throughout the weekend to enhance the experience, such as Lucent Dossier Experience and Quixotic.


Full weekend passes (Thursday-Monday) with tent camping are $240.00 and will be $275.00 at the gate. Two-day passes (Saturday-Monday) with tent camping are $175.00 and will be $200.00 at the gate. One day passes (Sunday only) are $90.00 and will be $110.00 at the gate. Car camping and RV passes are sold out, but the general parking area is close to the campgrounds and there will be shuttles provided.

There are bus passes available from Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco for those who would rather not drive to the festival. Passes from Los Angeles (departing July 11 or July 12th) are $45.00, San Diego (departing July 11) are $40.00, and San Francisco (departing July 11th) are $120.00. Find additional ticketing information here.

Stages and Vending

There are three main stages along with many other areas to catch music. There is a marketplace where you can scoop up essentials, as well as many delicious places to eat. LIB is a vegetarian festival, so for those who wish to eat meat should plan ahead on this. The vendors buy locally and organically and all food and drink is served in compostable products.


There are countless ways to choose your adventure at LIB and these are just a few. More information can be found in the snippet below this preview, or here.

Temple of Consciousness

This is an area meant for consciousness-expansion through collaboration, speakers, yoga, workshops, and music. The speakers are bestselling authors, accomplished visionaries and master lecturers that will be sharing their diverse knowledge and experiences. Instead of just having one yoga class in the morning like many festivals, the Temple of Consciousness will host yoga classes throughout the day for all levels of experience and in many different styles.

Utilize the many ways LIB can help you grow and learn and return home a better person, more engaged with the world around you. Workshops at the Temple range in subject from movement, food, family, technology, sustainability, and more. There will also music performances in tune with the Temple’s peaceful and worldly vibe with appearances by LYNX, Janover & Resonator, and Lucent Dossier among many others. The Temple is a place of spiritual nourishment to feed on the energy from all souls coming together.

The Learning Kitchen

This area at LIB is a place to learn ways to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially through eating habits. Here you’ll find workshops that help you understand various aspects of food including preparation, eating for improved functions, how to make juices, smoothies, and herbal and medicinal beer, and more.

The Village

The Village is a cultural area experimenting in the ways of village life and incorporating it into a festival experience. This is a place to participate in indigenous inspired traditions, focused on creating offerings of beauty. The Village is an area of contribution where culture is a verb.

Lumi Lounge

The Do Lab and Rasa Foods have partnered once again on The Lumi Lounge and Cafe, offering a relaxing place to enjoy some delicious organic food day and night and listen to eclectic live music .

Silent Frisco

A San Francisco-based crew’s noteable take on the silent disco, they have provided more than 3,000 two-channel wireless headphones built from scratch to provide you unique silent disco with performances themes like LCD Soundsystem vs. Talking Heads and Radiohead vs. Daft Punk.

In addition to these wonderful features, LIB will also have a visually stunning 3D Blacklight Experience, a mobile tea temple, Grand Artique’s unique town square experience Frontierville, the environmental entertainment of the Jive Joint (you may have seen them at Bonnaroo or Coachella), and much more.

Sustainability/Environmental Awareness

LIB is a leader in festival greening initiatives, having been awarded for their efforts like purchasing decisions, green vendor policies, waste management, and more. They take their responsibility to protect the earth seriously and ask all attendees to do the same. There will be environmental workshops to help educate attendees of simple things you can do to help the environment at the festival, at home, or anywhere.

Additional Tips

  • There is a family-only camping area available at LIB.

  • There is cell service at Lake Skinner.

  • Unfortunately, there is no swimming allowed at the lake as it is a local reservoir for drinking water. Help the festival organizers maintain a good relationship with the park by respecting this rule.


LIB 2013!

LIB Announces All Lineups
Music, Speakers, Yoga, Workshops, more!

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Festival Map!

Click to see it big!

Lightning In A Bottle offers so many things to do this year, it's truly up to you to choose what kind of Adventure the festival will provide. With the increased open space at this year's new festival grounds, there are more areas and experiences packed in for you to explore and enjoy than ever before!

Check out the big lineups below, but these represent just the tip of the iceberg of what can be experienced at LIB. It's really all about exploring and discovering the life-changing adventures that await you and your friends.

There are so many incredible things to do at Lightning In A Bottle, you could never experience it all in one weekend, but if you don't get your tickets now, you may never experience any of it. So get yours now and we'll see you at LIB in less than 2 weeks!


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The Woogie!

Main Stage Music + Speakers Schedule posted!

We have added the schedules for the music acts on our 3 main stages as well as our headlining speakers to the LIB website! Stay tuned to the LIB website later this week for all workshops, yoga, and music schedules to be announced.

click here for schedule

Main Stages
Music Lineup

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Main Stages Music Lineup - Choose Your Sonic Adventure!

We are proud and excited to present our best, most diverse Lightning in a Bottle lineup yet! From dubstep to deep house, beautiful chill out to turnt up trap, epic EDM to feel good groove, the music of this year's LIB will offer a sonic adventure you will never forget!


Temple of

The LIB Lucent Temple of Consciousness is a place to expand your mind and explore science, playfulness, and the inner and outer reaches of spirituality. Come bend and twist your body and hear the sounds of sweet harmonizing instruments calling us to rise up.

Read on for the inspiring lineup of speakers, workshops, yoga teachers, and music that will be on offer throughout the weekend at this year's LIB.

Temple of


Bestselling authors, accomplished visionaries and master lecturers will be sharing insights and inspirations on diverse subjects including ancient civilizations, forward-thinking economics, human consciousness, sustainability and more. Let the knowledge and experience of these thinkers and doers expand your mind.

This year we welcome the cutting edge thinkers of EVOLVER who will host a series of incredible talks through out the weekend.

Speakers at

David Wilcock Divine Cosmos - The Synchronicity Key: Hidden Intelligence Guiding Us  

Michael Tellinger African Temples of Gods

Alex Grey w/ Allyson Grey Entheogeneration - History of Visionary Culture

Ocean and John Robbins Why We Need A Food Revolution

John Perkins Dreaming a New World - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man & The Prophecies

Amanda Starbuck - People Power vs. Corporate Power - Rainforest Action Network

Daniel Pinchbeck - The Future of Human Consciousness

Jamie Janover - Unified Field Theory

BASHAR - Channel: Leading Edge Thinking

Dream Rockwell - Success comes with understanding You Are the Light of the World

Alexis Neely - Sovereignty in the New Economics

Melanie St.James - 7 Stages of Sustainability: Social Permaculture in Action

Kym Chi - Family Permaculture

+more - click here for full lineup



Yoga Lineup


Yoga classes will be happening from morning until evening throughout the weekend to enrich your body and calm your soul. All experience levels and Yoga styles will be on offer from high energy Vinyasa to relaxing classes integrating meditation. The west coast's top Yoga teachers are joining LIB this year, and many will be accompanied by live musicians. Whether you are looking to get your Yoga practice started, try out a new style, or just continue your practice with incredible people in an incredible space, we strongly suggest you make Yoga a part of your LIB experience.

Micheline Berry - LIQUID ASANA™ - Rock the Shakti Vinyasa Journeys
Ashley Turner - Koshas - 5 Layers of Self
Bryan Kest - PowerYoga
Mark Whitwell - Heart of Yoga
Cheri Rae - Fuck Yeah Yoga!
Tamal Dodge - "Enhance your Practice" (Guided Vinyasa Power Yoga)
Daniel Stewart - Rising Lotus Yoga
Kia Miller - Radiant Body Yoga
Kishan Shah - Vinyasa Flow Love + Bhakti Yin Kirtan w/ live music by Dear Beloveds
Michelle Nayeli Bouvier - Circle Sadhana: Dance our Nature
Shawn Bisi - Yoga Meditation & Music
Patti Quintero - YogaWorks
Gigi Snyder w/ The Human Experience
Cristi Christensen w/ DJ Marques Wyatt - Deep Exhale
Rachel Tratt - Let Your Soul Shine
Gianna DeFlice - Your Brightest Self-- Yoga to Upshift your Vibration
Nicole Doherty and Marques Wyatt - Sonic Shamanic
Kiyomi Takahashi - Step Into Your Power!
+more - click here for full lineup



Participating in a hands-on workshop is a great way to add lifelong value to your festival experience. You will be able to learn from pioneers and experts teaching a variety of valuable skills and lessons. Explore a subject you've always been interested in, or pick up skills in your established field. Participate in a workshop and you'll find not just fun awaits you at LIB, but the opportunity to become a better human, more engaged with the world around and within you.

MOVEMENT Dance, ritual movement, fitness, slackline and more!
FOOD AND TEA Raw & vegan food, sustainable preparation, chocolate!
KIDS AND FAMILY Gring the whole family to creation stations, playshops & kids yoga!
TECHNOLOGY 1 Giant Mind, ancient languages, alternative economies, biobeats!
SUSTAINABILITY Natural building, earthships, emerging environmental technologies!
THRIVING Heal naturally, express yourself through voice, sex, sound, and more!
1 GIANT MIND The massive group meditation research project will return with William Close of the Earth Harp - the worlds largest harp!


Temple Music

Once again the Temple of Consciousness will have its own musical experience with world, devotional, and calming live music offering a soundtrack to the journeys within.

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