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Favorite ThisLevitation Jones & Toadface premiere Living In A Bubble EP, start tour

Published: February 1, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Let's cram some more Weird Bass down your gullets, ya subsonic junkies. We've geared fans up with Levitation Jones x Toadface tour dates, but now we really get to demonstrate what these two bass wizards can do with the debut of their brand new EP, Living In A Bubble. Fusing the more psychedelic side of dubstep and trap, while simultaneously throwing the rule book out the window, these two prodigies on the prowl have really turn in something game-changing.

The lead single and title track tosses us into a dark, dangerous world of thick fog and bubbling cauldrons. "Living in a Bubble" makes no apologies for its warbly take on trap. Plenty of croaks and snorts and otherworldly flavors dot this sonic palette. It's a trip.

B-side "Floatin and Croakin," a play on its creators' names, winds you up and then drops you shivering and naked into a nightmarish hell hold of wild wobbles and terrifying effects. It's challenging, unique, and the kids are going to love it. This is avant garde bass music for a new generation of electronic music fans.

This pair of misfits have joined forces with live painter Raf Mata for a run of dates this month and next in the midwest, southeast, northeast, and out in Colorado. It's a trippy tour for the exploratory listener. You're not going to hear anything like this.

Levitation Jones x Toadface tour

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