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Favorite ThisLets Be Friends: Invasion of America EP review

Published: August 22, 2013
By: Shelly Hubal

Feeling lethargic and a little frumpy? Or perhaps your roommate caught you bawling on the living room floor again. Well it’s time to shake your money-maker and get happy! Lets Be Friends has unveiled its newest release, Invasion of America, and it’s a game-changer, guaranteed. Fortunately, I could not stay bummed no matter how hard I tried. And let me tell you, I’ve shed a few tears on the floor in my time.

This little snippet of smiles features three smashing tracks from these ambitious cats out of London. First on the roster is “Come ‘n’ Get It.” And after listening, I promise you’ll wholeheartedly want to. ‘Nuff said. Up to bat next is “The Bigger Bang.” This edgy fave commands attention with its syncopated rhythm and energetic calls. Thank the techie gods for your studio-quality headphones… yes, for the fourth time today. And bringing up the rear is “Invasion of America.” The song begins with a Beatles reference plucked straight outta days gone by with a gloom-and-doom fanfare to follow. Funny--history really does repeat itself, as dubstep is of English origin as well. Indeed, the invasion has begun. This assailment will be kept on anything but the down-low, with the kids gyrating like that and all. And rightfully so. Bring it.

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