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Favorite Thisleet & NEWSENSEi go full 90's on 1990kbps EP

Published: May 8, 2018

By: Heather Hodder

That’s so 90s. leet and NEWSENSEi just dropped an eight track collaborative EP called 1990kbps that’s available on SoundCloud, Beatport, Bandcamp, among others. The tracks have 90's names like “Dialed Up,” “Cool Ranch,” “90's tune,” and “TTYL.” So pull up your aim instant messenger, turn on a Nickelodeon show, and take a listen to the entire 1990kbps EP.

The EP is electronic, downtempo, trap and experimental bass, mixed with 90’s nostalgia. The track “90s tune” has “Nickelodeon” vox overlapped with digitized beats and the electronic noises one would hear when they dialed up to the Internet. It has an experimental instrumental, jungle drum and bass quality that’s also characteristic of other songs on the EP. One such song is “Bopper Socked” which has electronic animal noises and video game “level up” sounds. The song title is reminiscent of the 90s toy Socker Bopper, inflatable toys that kids put on their arms and could bop each other . Those were the days!

leet & NEWSENSEIleet is the DJ/producer alias of Tennessee native Harrison McCord. His dynamic experimental bass style can be heard live at The Untz Festival in Mariposa, California, June 1-3. He has shared the stage with many top billing electronic music producers such as Allison Wonderland, Herobust, Quix and Tsuruda. Leet works with ThazDope Records .

“Leet speak” was a computer language that came into vogue by hackers to prevent their pages coming up in keyword searches and bypass censorship programs. Leet speak replaces letters in words with numbers and characters. Many Leet slang spellings have found their way into common usage such as “N00B” or “Sry”. Leet or 1337 is 1990's jargon for someone with elite or advanced computer and gaming skills. Leet’s mastery of mixing different beats and musical styles demonstrates his m4d sk1llz.

NEWSENSEi, aka Jacob Spencer, hails from motor city, Detroit, Michigan. He is playing with Patches O’Malley in June in Detroit, his last Michigan show before taking on a move to the southeast EDM scene in Florida. NEWSENSEi has performed at Electric Forest Music Festival and at a Chicago live event with RUN DMT.

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