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Favorite ThisLaura Brehm - Fall in Love (Hollidayrain Remix)

Published: December 28, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

With all the great music coming out of the Boulder-Denver area, The Untz gets the opportunity to hop on young artists before they break big, and really pick out the finest music emanating from the region. Two new stars on the rise we've been keeping our collective eye on are electroacoustic singer-songwriter Laura Brehm and electro producer Hollidayrain. The latter took a simple, lush ballad from Brehm and added a new twist. New even for himself. Moving more into orchestral dubstep territory, Hollidayrain broke from his electro and trance tendencies to build something bigger, slower, and grander, getting closer, in fact, to his roots as a member of orchestras with his woodwind talents. "Fall In Love" gets the royal treatment with strings and powerful crescendos, taking a beautiful tone poem and turning it into a wall-sized fresco. And it looks like the pair have several more collabs on the horizon. Our treat.