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Favorite ThisLate Night Radio - Far Into The Night [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: August 6, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

There are few things we at enjoy more than being some of the first insightful folks to get on board with fresh new artists. That's kinda why we invented Fresh Beatz in the first place. Today, we premiere the title track from Late Night Radio's Far Into The Night, slated for an August 14th pay-what-you-want Bandcamp release. Alex Medellin has been a key figure of late in the Mountain Music scene. Collabs and projects with Robotic Pirate Monkey and a string of dates forthcoming on Michal Menert's Space Jazz tour have put Late Night Radio in the spotlight amongst a Denver scene teeming with talent. What sets him apart is his dogmatic devotion to "emotion over energy," as he puts it. Soul-drenched vocalists moan and belt heartbreaking lyrics across a decidedly hip-hop backbeat. And it's also his penchant for old-school beats that have made him a popular figure in the Colorado pool. His headlining date at Cervantes August 15th for the album's release with Artifakts, Krooked Drivers, and Marvel Years is sure to seal that one up tight.