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Favorite ThisLaser Sex - Chocolate Space Kittens [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE] *Free Download*

Published: January 24, 2013
Livetronica duo Laser Sex is on the cusp of a brand new release. Supremium will feature more of the bands signature sonic exploration, and today we bring you a brand new tune from that release. "Chocolate Space Kittens" is exactly what you think it is. Duh. Electric guitars soar over synthetic and organic beats. Production and synthwork vacillate between tension and release. Everything you've come to expect from the Scranton, PA act is present, and everything you'd want from a northeast band with roots in jam. You can draw parallels to the Biscuits and Zoogma, but then there's also some Future Rock elements in there. The bottom line is, this band is all about being in the moment, so the best place to experience them will be at their CD release party, which coincides with the release of the album on Jan 26th (this Saturday). They hit the Backyard Ale House in Scranton with Roo and Speakerbot. Be there and soak in their live aesthetic in person.