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Favorite ThisLabRat - Fuse

Published: May 15, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

"We like what we like, and we make what we make." I think that's the vibe of a wide cross-section of producers today. I could be totally wrong, but a couple of years ago at this time, a lot of artists were making the most banging tunes they could--because that was the thing to do. Think about who these artists are, though. A great number of them are musiciains, schooled in the ways of the classics, jazz and whatnot. So now that instrumental music has come back in a big way, it makes sense that we're hearing funkier, jazzier productions across the board. Take "Fuse," for instance, which says it all in the title. Let's take the modern production techniques of the day and fuse them with the chill sounds we love. For a LabRat, Travis Egner-Williams is a pretty smart dude.