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Favorite ThisKrooked Drivers are our new favorite thing

Published: March 4, 2014
By: Mitchell Treend

Let’s be honest. The Colorado music scene is killing it right now. Chances are at least one of your favorite electronic acts hails from this haven of insanely good music and fine herbal products.

Maddy O’neal and Donnie Dalbora just might be our new favorites. The pair of Denver-based producers has come to be known throughout CO and soon, the rest of the world, as Krooked Drivers.
Their sound stays true to what Colorado electronic artists are becoming best known for; the heavy-down-low bass lines, the soulful instrumentals and vocal samples, as well as the super-smooth funky grooves. Krooked Drivers has found a potent balance of all these elements to produce a unique sound which only reinforces the notion that Colorado, for all intents and purposes, is the place to be.
Most recently, the Krooked Drivers did up a remix for Slovenian producer JK Soul. The track entitled “Illusions” from JK’s album Take Me Higher is a downtempo soulful hip-hop and glitch inspired dreamscape. On its own, “Illusions” is an incredibly well produced track that brings out this haunting, nostalgic feeling while slowly drawing us forward into the dim light of days to come. For KD this dreamscape becomes a playground to blur the lines between nostalgia and fantasy and create a breakthrough in how soul and funk are delivered through time and bass.
The intro takes Illusions up at least 10 notches from JK’s original mix. Krooked Drivers throw the bass line into fifth gear and rework the soulful vocal sample into an up-tempo glitch-hop vibe. The future synth work pulls it all together for a drop to make the jump from the nostalgia of classic soul into the future of the electro-soul.
All in all Krooked Driver’s make it pretty apparent that Colorado is not slowing down by any means. The drop brings out the subtle elements of bass in the original track way beyond the surface and warps them together with the impenetrable field of high-octane genre shifting production. Any live crowd would go absolutely nuts for this one on any occasion. This remix will mark another benchmark in the steady rise of these two talented rocky mountain producers.

Tags: ElectroHip Hop