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Favorite ThisKrewella - Podcast Episode 124

Published: June 21, 2012

Just over two years ago, on June 8, 2010, singing sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and their producer Kris "Rain Man" Trindl, collectively known as Krewella, quit their jobs, dropped out of school, and bet the farm on a career in the roller coaster world of EDM. The Chicago trio, best known for rip-roaring dubstep, electro, and moombahton tracks went underground for more than a year, constructing what would come to be their signature sound. Between soaring vocal lines, gritty passion, and extra flithy bass, Krewella has captured the hearts and minds of not only their fair city, but a great deal of the nation, as well as Europe.

KrewellaIt's been a busy week for the threesome. After playing the monumental Spring Awakening festival at Soldier Field in their hometown, Krewella released Play Hard on Monday. The six-track EP is a taste of what's to come. Equal parts pop and pleasure with a extra heaping helping of bass blasts, the album is at treasure trove of production delights and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. This episode features a number of those songs, plus backstory on the Yousafs' childhood and that fateful decision to go all in two years ago.

Play Hard

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