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Favorite ThisKraddy - The Holy Avenger (Echaskech Remix)

Published: February 15, 2012

For the second installment in Kraddy's Anthems of the Hero remix project, he decided to tap the collective power of UK trio Echaskech. For a devilishly unique twist on "Holy Avenger," the Brits glitched, stretched, and warbled the guitar through a talk box effect that's less Peter Frampton and more circuit bent Furby (look it up, kids). For all those predicting a standard drop, we ask "assumptions make a what out of who?" A total killer drum 'n' bass line at the bottom end of the BPM spectrum rattles and rolls with the waves of bass, setting up a second drop that really snaps the legs off from under any preconceived notions about this 7-minute opus. There's no doubt this Kraddy collab will raise the profile of this stunningly witty team from across the pond.