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Favorite ThisKraddy Reveals Another Track from Anthems of the Hero

Published: October 3, 2011

KraddyNot surprisingly, Kraddy's new track rocks. The first glimpse fans received of Matthew Kratz's forthcoming album, Anthems of the Hero, was "Black Box;" a cut full of driving drums and screaming guitars. This latest revelation, "Operation Prometheus," still has that rock vibe, but with a much more straightforward, bass-laden intensity. Whirring, high-pitched synths give a sense of urgency to the mission at hand.

That mission? Well, for those who are not just completing the sixth grade, or prefer not to sit around getting stoned and watching bad 60's Clash of the Titans movies, we'll take a crack at it. Kraddy is still in his Greek phase (as referenced by his previous release, Labyrinth, replete with cuts like "Minotaur"). Now Prometheus was of the second generation of Titans, elder deities overthrown by the Olympians, with whom most are basically familiar. Unlike his brothers (Atlas, being one) and sisters, Prometheus didn't give a shit about playing tricks on the gods, namely Zeus. The operation surely in reference here refers to Prometheus' greatest trick of all, stealing fire from Zeus, and giving it to man. Kraddy's "Operation" is to bring fire to man... and by gum, we think he's done it. Let's just hope he's not chained to a rock while an eagle eats out his liver every day for eternity.

Kraddy - Operation Prometheus

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