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Favorite ThisKozmo unleashes RudeBoyNoize (Trevor Kelly + Shlump) remix [STM]

Published: February 3, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Without a moment's hesitation, I can say definitely that ShadowTrix Music is putting out some of the coolest Weird Bass around. Just a tiny, lil' boutique label has amassed a world of talent, and with its releases still in the single digits, we see STM being a major player in the bass realm for years to come. These guys are trendsetters.

Two of the fastest rising superstars in the west coast bass world, Trevor Kelly and Shlump, have Captain Plant'd themselves into a brand new duo, RudeBoyNoize, and the resulting EP, Tune In, is some monumentally groundbreaking music. Challenging? Absolutely. All the STM releases are. But it's what's (unfortunately) going to be stolen, diluted, whitewashed, and turned into the next mainstream stuff. That's the problem with being ahead of your time.

STM WormholeToday's premiere comes from Kozmo, who just recently blew our minds with his own ShadowTrix release, Eureka! I just had to snag his remix of RudeBoyNoize, which is dubby at heart, but goes all over the place with its inventive streak. His take on "Space Riddim" is a jewel on an already jam-packed release, which also carries PartyWave and BOATS remixes.

Shlump had the track of the latest Saturate behemoth (in our humble opinion), and Trevor Kelly is making some moves in the industry, but we hope the pair put some more time into this project, because we're loving what we hear. It's a ShadowTrix Music takeover at one of our favorite weeklys; the Wormhole Wednesday crew is throwing it down with Trevor Kelly, RudeBoyNoize, and Kozmo sets amongst others, and it's going to be a party and a half tonight (February 3), so get down to The New Parish in Oakland, CA if you're near the Bay. If you're not, a) sorry, you're shit out of luck, and b) everything's OK, because you can copy this new EP from STM--heartbreak cured.

Name Your Price for the RudeBoyNoize Tune In EP from ShadowTrix Music!

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