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Favorite ThisKozmo leads off compilation for Seen. Recordings launch

Published: April 20, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Today marks the launch of a brand new underground bass label. Los Angeles' eyeseeu, who has been impressing the hell out of us lately with his contributions to various other compilations and labels, as well as pretty prolific work on his own Soundcloud just for shits and giggles, as well as his devastatingly hip entry in The Untz Challenge VIII, has decided to forge his own path in the industry game with Seen. Recordings.

With the label's launch today, his first compilation, CLOSED EYE VISIONS hits the airwaves with a handful of acts we know very well, as well as some up-and-comers that's making us do a little homework of our own. Amongst the contributions you'll find well-known UNTZ faves like Secret Recipe, ShermGerm, Smigonaut, Pilz Beats, and CRIMES! in addition to newcomers like Zimbu, Bearhat, and ST4RFOX that we know a little bit, but who definitely deserve some heavy-duty attention.

Anyone who knows my tastes knows that I couldn't resist snagging a little Kozmo for myself. The PK Sound slinger from the Pacific Northwest has been making some major moves this year, and popping up all over everyone's radar up and down the west coast, and even as far south as Costa Rica. Nathan Ramos is a beast with the gear, but also knows his way around a DAW, and in between all the events he was hitting on and off stage, managed to knock out a superior collection of tunes as part of his Two Track Tuesdays campaign.

The Untz Festival 2017Today, we have the delight and privilege to premiere “The Birds and the Bees,” which gets pretty far out there, but never loses its groove. That can be said of much of Kozmo's catalog. He's not afraid of experimentation, but wreckin' a dance floor is his main focus. This cut has this infectious bounce that gets in your head and rattles around until you're forced to rush back to your speakers. That's one thing I'll say about Ramos (if I'm only allowed to say one thing): the guy knows how to write a hook.

Which is of course why the ShadowTrix crew is bringing him out to The Untz Festival from June 2-4 in Mariposa, California, where he'll be joined by the aforementioned ShermGerm and Wormhole Music Group's Secret Recipe. But consider this entire new compilation from Seen. Recordings as scouting material, because eyeseeu's posse is definitely in our crosshairs as far as the new faces of west coast bass are concerned.

Name your own price for CLOSED EYE VISIONS from Seen. Recordings.

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