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Favorite ThisKozmo is taking on Tuesdays two tracks at a time

Published: February 17, 2017

By: Kevin Sanders

One of my favorite things to happen musically is when an artist decides to slowly release an album a few songs at a time each week, or just random beats they have made and do not have a linear project to release them on. It helps to make sure I keep checking their page to see what new heat they may have dropped this time. In this case, it is the later path that Kozmo has decided to take. With his 7-week project ‘Two Track Tuesday’, Nathan Ramos delivers a couple songs each week that have no other role to serve than stimulate your eardrums.

The Untz Festival Phase 1In release number three, Kozmo goes for a couple of dark and grinding songs that transport you to a place of ephemeral ecstasy. The first track, “2db Gangsters,” has its tone set from the very first note, having it paired with a grinding womp of bass, and it only gets more intense as the song progresses. With minimal yet ideally placed lyrics, the drop is far from a classic style, with its only premonition being the inclusion of a few lines of haunting quotes and slight increase in tempo, the song drops into the main portion that brings you to a world of tribal ritualism that continues until the end.

Untitled 4” continues the deep, dark style of the first track. This second track feels like the rest of an extended cut from the first that only involves a minor reassembly of the elements from the first—which is fine for these sonic sketches that will find a home in broader sets or mixes or develop into whole new beasts over time.

Kozmo has demonstrated real promise and talent with his production, and the fact that he can pump out two solid tunes each week is a testament to his work ethic and where this project is taking him. He's already five deep into the series, and we can't wait for more. His dark, grinding style on these songs has me intrigued, and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on in the future.

What does the future hold for Mr. Ramos? Glad you asked. Because he's hitting the ShadowTrix Music stage at The Untz Festival in June alongside Rudeboynoize, SuDs, ShermGerm, and so many more to be revealed in Phase 2. Snag your tickets, buckaroos.

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