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Favorite ThisKozmo & Subduktion tease split EP Happy Hour with 'Gin & Tonic'

Published: April 28, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

What goes better together than gin and tonic? Dabs and granola bars? Nah, sounds like a recipe for disaster. Jaeger and Red Bull? That's how you end up in jail. There are reasons certain classic combos live on forever, and longevity is just what two of our favorite rising producers are heading towards, if I may venture a guess.

Kozmo & Subduktion have teamed up for a split EP on hustling crew Never Slept. Some of the best west coast and weird bass stars are circling around this collective. The pairing release Happy Hour on May 2nd, because Tuesdays don't have to suck. With originals from both, a collab, and remixes from newcomers on the scene (and a familiar fave of ours, Subp Yao), this release will leave a nice mark for these two.

We're blessed with the lead single and collab between these two fierce producers. Gritty and hyper, "Gin & Tonic" is as jam-packed with madness and mayhem as you'd want for a club-ready cut with a bad attitude. The only roughness in this one is intentional, and just when you think you've got that aggro tempo figured out, they switch it up on you. And then the bass kicks. This bad boy's breaking all the rules.

Keep your eyes on Kozmo and his new pal Subduktion. They're just getting warmed up. And they're definitely not sleeping.

Tags: Trap