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Favorite ThisKnight Riderz premieres 'All Gold' featuring Pigeon Hole

Published: December 12, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Knight RiderzMore like All CANADIAN Everything, am I right?

It's an Edmonton meets Victoria meets Vancouver soiree on today's cabinet shredding drop. Nick Samalack is back after a long hiatus, rebuilding, restructuring, and renewing his legendary Knight Riderz project. He's enlisted the help of fellow Canadians Pigeon Hole and their hip-hop x bass stylings for the title track from his forthcoming All Gold EP.

With an all-out subsonic onslaught, these three bass junkies go straight for the jugular on “All Gold,” throwing everything in their arsenal at this cut: rhymes, wobbles, and plenty of whipping drums to move those feet. This is the perfect comeback, and it needed the right launchpad.

Enter Stylust Beats and his Sleeveless Records label to rocket Knight Riderz back into the spotlight. All Gold is out December 15. Oh Canada... you've done it, again.

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