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Favorite ThisKnife Party: Rage Valley EP Review

Published: June 13, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

To say Knife Party rose to prominence at an incredible rate would be an understatement, although it comes as no surprise considering that both its members are also part of the Australian super group Pendulum, who to this day are one of the biggest drum and bass acts of all time. 
Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are absolute beasts when it comes to unleashing earth rattling bass music. The veteran producers have been consistently putting out memorable tunes for more than a decade, while undoubtedly securing their place in the EDM history books. With their most recent endeavor, the two have taken the huge jump into the world of dubstep with a project that is relentless and exceedingly heavy. This can be heard on their thrilling 100% No Modern Talking EP, thunderous collaborations with Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia, along with nostalgic switch ups of tracks from prominent artists like Nero and Porter Robinson.
On their Rage Valley EP released via Earstorm/Big Beat Records, we witness Swire and McGrillen drop off a cataclysmic set of songs that are all perfect for unloading on a rowdy audience looking to get down.

Opening up the release is the title track; a rampant electro house banger containing mouth-watering synth lines and mysterious build-ups which eventually drop into a tenacious series of instrumentations that could incite an immediate seizure. Knife Party continues to show how diverse of a sound they are able to create, with a release that features different styles of bass music on each track.

“Centipede” is a pulsing, dubbed out song that opens up with a quick discovery channel lesson on the creepy creature before exploding into a ferocious monster of a cut that contains in your face snare hits and destructive high pitched soundwaves.

“Bonfire” is a remarkable track filled to the brim with hair-raising drum and bass sections, dub vocal samples and synth bursts, and an overall contagious groove that is perfect for releasing on a massive set of speakers. This tune shows how fast Knife Party is progressing, on a cut that is sure to be dropped at festivals across the world this summer.

Rage Valley is another solid EP from two produces who are releasing sensational tunes at an astoundingly quick pace, and show no signs of letting up on their pursuit for world domination.

Tags: DubstepElectroHouse