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Favorite ThisKnife Party: Haunted House EP Review

Published: May 6, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

Australian duo Knife Party has been tearing up the world wide electronic music scene for the better part of two years. Today, they return with their third official offering, a four track EP entitled Haunted House. Sonically, the project is a roller coaster of sound and tempo. It is, at times, exciting and insanely dance worthy. Other times it is excessive and overwhelming. 

"LRAD," the opening track of the EP is underwhelming compared to most of the Knife Party I have heard. The house jam lacks the crunchy bass drops and trappy-jumpy synths that many people associate with KP. "Internet Friends VIP" is exactly what many recent Knife Party fans love:  crazy bass drops and awesome tempo changes that keeps your feet guessing.  "EDM Death Party" is sound overkill. The song abruptly changes pace and sounds so rapidly that it never achieves any cohesiveness to make it enjoyable.

However, Haunted House does end on a positive note. "Power Glove" is a big bad powerful thumper that sounds like it could be player for an army before they go to battle.  You should turn up your speakers all the way for this one and pray your neighbors love dubstep. This is certainly the shining gem of the EP.  Overall, Haunted House is a solid offering, but certainly leaves room for improvement.  Luckily, Knife Party seems to just be getting started.

Tags: DubstepElectroHouse