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Favorite ThiskLL sMTH gets a woody for that 'Hood Grain'

Published: August 30, 2018

Story by: Heather Hodder

Photo by: Sam Silkworth (Silky Shots)

kLL sMTHkLL sMTH’s new single “HOOD GRAIN” is a bass heavy glitch hop track from Kris Edland, the man behind the wheel of steel who just dropped this heater for free on SoundCloud and Bandcamp on last week, since he hit 19,000 SC followers. He's already well on his way to 20K, I'll add.

Edland, a Denver, Colorado native, describes his music on Facebook as “a fusion of Glitch, DnB, and Hip Hop with a sprinkle of Dubstep.” The chill vibe with a hip hop bounce, makes “Hood Grain” feel like a drive through the city in a lowrider, like a vintage1964 Chevy Impala or Camero, with velvet seats, windows down and the music blasting. While it maybe a little bumpy and wobbly, it’s worth it for the look on all of your friends faces when they see you at the drivers wheel . The track is a great combo of hip hop, dubstep, glitch, trap and heavy bass.

kLL sMTH takes inspiration from many multi-genre musicians such as Tipper, Freddy Todd, and Vibesquad. On the business side, Edland has worked with Addictech Records, Simplify Recordings, Muti Music, and Prime Dub. Edland performed at The Untz Festival this year, as well as Lightning in a Bottle, Shambala Music Festival, One Vibration, and many more. The kid's in demand.

When he gets back from the Playa, kLL sMTH performs at the Juniper Jam Sept 14-17 in Skull Valley, Arizona and next up at the Outside In Equinox music festival in Santa Barbara, California, Sept 21-23.

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