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Favorite ThisKJ SAWKA - Repeating Cycles ft LaMeduza (Kezwik Remix)

Published: October 23, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

KJ Sawka, the Darth Vader of the drum kit (because he's more machine than man), officially releases his "Repeating Cycles" single tomorrow on superlabel Simplify Recordings (Oct. 24th). Who better to take a swing at the track than Kezwik? Everything he touches turns to platinum. No joke, this track contains one of the most inventive drops I've heard in a while. Sawka, who puts the 'drum' in drum 'n' bass for Pendulum and has been on the road all month with Conspirator, didn't inject his signature DnB into his track with the lovely LeMeduza. Kezwik reinjects the cut with drum 'n' bass, and then drumsteps the drop into submission. It is absolutely wild. A remix like this breaks all the rules, and gets us excited for the release of this series of tracks. Kezwik and KJ definitely have something going on.