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Favorite ThisKirko Bangz - Drank In My Cup (ill-Mannered Remix)

Published: June 18, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

With a name like ill-Mannered and a profile picture that contains the trio standing in front of graffiti holding some 40’s, it should go without saying that this Colorado collective likes to get rowdy. Well fortunately for us their lifestyle matches their music, which is full of cutting edge bass bursts and destructive synth lines that could incite a ferocious riot on site. This trend continues on their new remix of Kirko Bangz’ club anthem “Drank In My Cup,” which after passing through ill-Mannered’s vicious grip is turned into a raunchy bass filled monstrosity of a track that contains mesmerizing dub whomps and pulsating groove sections. Tenacious vocal samples and rambunctious instrumentations; the perfect Friday night pre-game cut to spice up a dull Monday morning.