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Favorite ThisKirbyBright​ ​ditches​ ​Airplan3​ ​Mod3​ alias​ with​ GangstaBudder

Published: December 5, 2017

By: Kahla Keegan

KirbyBrightThazDope Records and KirbyBright, formerly known as Airplan3 Mod3, hit us with a full length today. Geniusly named GangstaBudder, producer and performer Kirby Bright takes a step outside his normal comfort zone for this one-of-a-kind project.

Straight out of Greenville, South Carolina, KirbyBright is a key figure in a formiddable new collective rising in the southeast. The Undergrowth, headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, is a collective of underground artists who have a similar passion for art, music, and nature. In fact, they dedicate 10% of their profits to environmental charities. A thread that ties together each artist on the roster is their combined forward thinking approach toward music. KirbyBright seems to have created a whole new innovative persona with his debut full length album.

GangstaBudder has a completely new vibe compared to tracks Bright produced as Airplan3 Mod3. It has more of an old-school jazzy feel with a modern, electronic undercurrent. The 13-track LP features collaborations with the best in underground bass music. Features include the likes of Cut Rugs and his new alias Yung Earthy, Murkury, Hyperbolic Headspace, Mt. Analogue, and Zeplinn. Possibly the best part about this project is the variety of instrumentation that portrays a sense of intimacy.

The opening track “Do What You Want” is a hefty collab between KirbyBright, Pathwey, Cut Rugs and Murkury. “Do What You Want” takes a viral vocal clip combined with a melodic beat that makes it a perfect introduction for the remaining songs. Given it makes me want to immediately begin my nightly smoke session, it’s a good indication of how the rest of the LP will go.

Moving forward, “Sippin,” is a reworking of Three 6 Mafia’s notorious “Sippin on Some Syrup.” KirbyBright and Hyperbolic Headspace join forces to create an ultimate glitched out version of the original with their signature twist.

Also involved with The Undergrowth Collective, Zeplinn assists KirbyBright on “Big Hug.” It’s a laid back trippy tune that reflects on both of their abilities to create a killer piece of work. The flow of this single track has a consistent low end bass that appeals to any bass junkie. Not to mention, the halfway point on the album is a perfect time to light your next joint.

The title track, “GangstaBudder”, incorporates an authentic jazz inspired ambience that is rarely found in the average bass track. Bright starts things off with a perfectly placed vocal excerpt from the movie Goodfellas. The beat immediately moves its way into a plethora of soulful piano infused sounds that melt the brain in the best of ways.

In short, it’s clear KirbyBright is in this scene for the long run and we couldn’t be more hyped about his new identity. The GangstaBudder LP is a collection of work that will be in our music arsenal for a long time to come. It’s a provocative album with a lot more to offer than just a few womps and wubs. Take the time to listen to this one from front to back in one sitting. It’s a journey that’s meant to be listened to in sequence without interruption.

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