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Published: June 6, 2013
By: Joshua Davis

J.D. Alexander, better known as Kintyre, recently released a brand new, self-titled album filled with unique and wholly original tunes.
Kintyre’s journey as a DJ/ Producer began six years ago where a lot of stories start—those lazy days spent wasting away long afternoons playing Sega Genesis and Nintendo. Kintyre’s relationship with music started when he learned to play trumpet and guitar at the age of ten, and continued throughout high school and college.
His new album features 13 tracks, each emodying a different vibe.  Tracks like “Uncontainment” and ‘The Beats Are Gonna Fly” give off that feeling of immersion into a video game, utilizing Kintyre’s early inspirations.
The tracks that really stood out were “Underestimated,” “Winter Solstice,” and “Patriot.” Each shifted the feel of the album because of their radically diverse soundscapes. They’re not bangers by any means, but more of ambient kickback and chill tracks—which is nice because some of the other tracks make me feel like I should be in a desert in Arizona raving my face off. “Patriot” has a pretty dope trap feel to it, infused with his signature heavy electronic flow that will rock you to your core.
Alexander possesses a wildly different vision for his compositions. Structurally and sonically, it’s difficult to pigeonhole them or throw them into a specific bin. It’s a challenge to say “he produces electro,” or “this is bass music,” because the Kintyre brand is dabbling in all sorts of pockets.
While we’re not certain whether its right for the club scene, festivals, or riding down the street, we know that this kind of creative effort is bound to find its audience, and they’ll never let go.
Kintyre the album is available on iTunes for $9.99.
Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: DJKINTYRE

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