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Favorite ThisKiloWatts - The Right Words EP - Available 9/28

Published: September 15, 2010


James Watts has an impressive and expansive discography of styles and collaborations that dates back to the early 90s demoscene and has steadily progressed forward towards making some of the most influential electronic albums to date. His work embraces the bulk of electronic genres, including breaks, IDM, techno, and downtempo. His albums are full of visionary dimensions, fusing together a dexterous knowledge of sound synthesis, deep emotional articulation, and solid melodic intuition.

KiloWatts expands his sound palate into uncharted territory on the On The Right Words EP . It is clear that with this release he boasts the infinite creative possibilities within electronic music. All five tracks evolve, blossom and reveal themselves as masterfully crafted works of art rooted in the sounds of tech house, idm, and garage. KiloWatts’ signature sound shines through, but new influences of swinging drum patterns, subtle, smooth synth work, powerful bass lines, and faster tempos give this music a forward flavor. Additionally, the harmonic and melodic content on this EP is unparalleled to any other current release in dance music at the moment. These tracks will certainly find themselves on the dance floor energizing and captivating club audiences.

KiloWatts - The Right Words EP SAMPLER



Available on September 28th at:

Tags: BreaksDowntempoGlitchTechno