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Favorite ThisKill Paris drops debut LP 'Galaxies Between Us' on his Sexy Electric

Published: April 23, 2015

By: Mitchell Treend

It’s finally here. After years of tasty remixes and electrifying live performances on stages across the country, Corey Baker, known to fans as Kill Paris, has released his debut full-length album, Galaxies Between Us, on his own indie label Sexy Electric.

Kill ParisKill Paris has always been one of the most exciting and entertaining performers to hit the stage. From summer festivals, to basement bars, Baker has always sought to craft an experience his fans can walk away from with a smile plastered across their face. The new album is a testament to his attention to detail and the inherent joy that drives this project. Galaxies Between Us is just what we always hoped for in a full-length KP release and it deserves to sail through your eardrums and into your imagination. 

After a teaser release of the single “Operate” featuring slick vocals from Royal, it was all anticipation tingling through our spines. Serene pads and minimal drum work allow the vocals to shine and serenade hearts before the insatiable glitchy, sweet synth drives us blissfully into a dance-frenzy.

A personal favorite is “Space Forest.” The ambiance draws from from a sense of stillness. The echo of building synths invites in a perfectly tranquil drum line, before finally opening into a faded, bass-laden wobble that stands out uniquely from other tracks on the album. This one goes great with a starry night and freshly rolled meditation.

Closer “Tropical Dinosaur” caught me off guard at first but when you crank this one full volume, you can’t help but imagine yourself kicking back on a Jurassic cliff staring into the cosmos as a pterodactyl soars overhead. Kill Paris keeps things light-hearted while maintaining a quality of production and creativity that keeps this project fresh and exciting.

Corey Baker is right in the middle of a major North American tour hitting stops in just about every corner of the US and Canada. For all the hard work and dedication, Kill Paris has succeeded in staying true to the spirit of being a artist in todays over-marketed world. The album is out for FREE via the Sexy Electric label and you can cop it over at the Kill Paris Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp pages. Cheers to Galaxies Between Us and good music fam.

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