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Favorite ThisKidnap Kid: So Close

Published: March 7, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano 
Some folks like their bass music entirely grimy, some like it enticingly chill, while others seek an inexplicable balance between the two. That tightrope act is what the soundscapes of Kidnap Kid are all about—striking up a tantalizing equilibrium between opposing forces.
The burgeoning British producer has been working overtime this past year, polishing the edges on an entrancing blend of bewitching house beats and UK garage medleys. His recent single (Black Butter Records) will have you consistently pressing repeat before reaching its conclusion, drifting into a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
“So Close” contains blissful vibes from the very first note, gently sending shocks of fervor across each square inch of your body. Harmonious instrumentations serve as the track’s cornerstone, carefully bouncing along as Sinead Harnett’s soaring vocals tell a love story. The release also features a jaw-dropping club mix, packing a dance-worthy punch without sacrificing a single dose of emotion.
“Animaux” relies heavily on snappy drumbeats and visceral male vocals, painting a vivid picture as each listeners’ face brightens. Sorrow and melancholy are kicked to the curb, instantaneously replaced by an ample supply of bliss.
Kidnap Kid’s cut will blow you away, not with skyscraping womps or anthemic synths, but with an effervescent ambiance that dares you to slip from reality. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea, eyes firmly closed, and someone you cherish pressed close against your side.