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Favorite ThisKhameleon808 crafts remix video for The Glitch Mob take on Prodigy's "Breathe"

Published: April 17, 2014
By: Jordan Calvano

Josh Prescott, better known as  Khameleon808, recently paid tribute to two of the greatest electronic trios of all time, and the result is massive. Taking fragments of three classic videos from The Prodigy and mashing them up with The Glitch Mob’s futuristic take on “Breathe,” the talented editor was able to create an expansive journey through bass music’s history while highlighting some of the greats.

This timeline dates back to 1997 when The Fat of the Land was originally released, and now more recently with The Glitch Mob’s addicting touch "Still Breathing" featured on The Added Fat EP. If you attended Coachella or watched the stream, you know this song instantly ignites a live audience, and now we’ve got a nostalgic and equally creepy video to go along with it.

Tags: BreaksDrum and BassHouseTechno