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Favorite ThisKeota, DeeZ & Smigonaut go in on 'Fricc Whole'

Published: September 7, 2018

By: Heather Hodder

Keota, DeeZ & SmigonautCollaborations are like Nutella on bread. Sure you could just eat it dry, but slather some Nutella on there (and bananas??)—it’s on a whole ‘nother friccin’ level!

It’s pretty sweet that Keota, DeeZ, and Smigonaut combined their tasty music stylings to create “Fricc Whole,” available now as a free download.

The track is an in-your-face, explosive dubstep banger with a surprise garage section featuring a whole lot of filthy wompiness for good measure.

If you peer closely at the cover art, you'll also discover Rogue Agency's Tyler Hettel glaring back at you with a face full of internet.

What makes a good collaborative track? Time, determination and friendship. Tom Brennan, the music producer behind Keota , gives us a peek behind the curtain on what this terrifying threesome's process for “Fricc Whole” was like.

Keota“DeeZ and Smigonaut are some of the best friends I have made in recent years. We started writing it on a Thursday, made it playable in time for our gig the following Saturday, and then released it on the following Wednesday,” notes Brennan.

“It was really incredible to see it come together as quickly as it did. It's crazy how much of a hive mind two or more people can be—we all basically tapped into each others' weaknesses and filled in the blanks and did something that any one of us would never have done on our own.”

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