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Favorite ThisKDrew - Circles

Published: October 18, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

There can be no more certainty emanating from us when we say "KDrew is stardom bound." Not only is the guy a super-talented producer, but now he's showing us he can belt out the tunes as well. With "Circles," we're getting the dominant dubstep for which he's known, but with a huge dash of pop flair. Do not be surprised if this track shows up on commercials or primetime dramas, because it embodies all the hallmarks of an across the board hit. Kevin Drew has been writing hooks since infancy, and the hard work and dedication is paying off in spades, with him tossing off tunes left and right with reckless abandon. We repeat: KDrew is going to be on the lips of everyone you know here in the next few months. You've been warned.