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Favorite ThisKastle: Kastle Review

Published: May 9, 2013
By: Devin Friedman

Kastle may be a new name to most of you, but he has been in the music game for a hot minute now. He’s had a ton of relatively underground success with various EPs and the perfection of his galaxy sound, most notably breaking through with a release entitled “Stay Forever,” which made it all the way to the iTunes top 10 electronic songs of 2012. Now, Kastle brings you his first full-length, self titled album.
Kastle is chalk-full of a unique, dynamic, hip-hop sound. Almost all 15 tracks feature soulful R&B style vocals from the likes of Austin Paul, Ayah Marar, JMSN, and the ever-popular EDM vocalist, one Dominique Porter. Songs such as “Stay Close”, “Been Awhile”, “Into The Night” and “Respiration” are all great examples of Kastle’s hip-hop influence. “Red Light” featuring Ayah Marar and “Things We Can Do” with Reva DeVito might be the biggest dance tracks on the album, but “Must Be Crazy” has to be one of the best tracks out of the 15, with a fantastic, melancholy guitar opening that makes you wish it was a rainy day.
His debut album has very unique feel and vibe for an EDM release, but definitely in the hip-hop vein that seems to be growing massively in popularity. You can catch Kastle on his first North American tour that is hitting a ton of cities on the East and West coast through the month of May. Give this one a listen and chill out to Kastle’s spacey, yet soulful, vibes. 

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