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Favorite ThisKanizzle taps Rider Shafique for 'Danger' on Mochipet project

Published: November 25, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Kanizzle - Danger

One of the many things we're thankful for this holiday season is new Kanizzle. Taos' Joshua Cunningham is an east coast transplant who has brought gogo, dancehall, and ragga to the desert. A staple of the Burning Man scene, Kanizzle has linked up with Rider Shafique for “Danger” just in time for this foreshortened week.

The track borrows a couple lines from classic hip-hop anthem “Time's Up” by O.C. as well as Shafique's inimitable flow. It finds its home on Mochipet's Acid Test, a rolling compilation dedicated to the TR-303, Roland's lesser known but equally important cousin to the 808. Dave Wang, who recently welcomed a new addition to his family, is getting a number of his friends to contribute to the compilation, which will benefit MAPS' research on psychedelics.

Folks should look into this project as Acid makes a resurgence in the experimental bass scene. Wang's Daly City Records is the home bass for this wildly intriguing effort.

Tags: Drum and BassHip Hop