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Favorite ThisKanevsky debuts bold new single ‘Rescued’

Published: November 7, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

KanevskyWhile Oscar Quagliano may not be a household name, just yet, the list of artists, labels, and fans rushing to support Kanevsky is an indication of just how much potential this young producer has. Based out of Italy, Quagliano has already garnered support from tastemaking label Adapted Records, one of the world's most trusted sources of experimental glitch-hop. Now the Australian brand is prepared to release a brand new, two-track Kanevsky EP, The Glitch Alley, on November 14.

Today we premiere “Rescued,” a wildly diverse, sonic tour de force of sound design. At times cinematic, and always heavy-hitting, this cut belongs in one of Netflix’s forthcoming superhero projects. It screams chase scene. Give a bad guy a big gun and a stockpile of magazines for our protagonist to dodge in glorious, high-def slo-mo. Funky bass blasts are buoyed by broken beats in a complex arrangement that will have fellow producers shaking their heads.

Pre-order The Glitch Alley from Adapted Records before its November 14 release!

Tags: ElectroGlitch