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Favorite ThisKaminanda pays homage to our planet’s last superstar David Bowie

Published: February 11, 2016

By: Bo Nuanual

Bowie KaminandaMost of our memory banks suck pretty fucking bad at this age. They operate on that barely scraping by level. I cautiously, yet truthfully, will say if allowed to; David Bowie’s recent death was the closest thing to a cataclysmic cultural full stop we have suffered in our lifetimes.

The lengths the Thin White Duke went to make weird cool, and the disenranchised our cultural centerpieces are astounding. Who would have thought this androgynous oddity could force our stodgy society of the social revolution years to look inwards and excise all that bile and emnity. Even in 2016, we have wars of intolerance at home and abroad, but we can reflect and say "look how far we've come." And that's due in so small part to Ziggy Stardust and all the dreamers and dreams Bowie embodied.

The temporally appropriate and timely solution within the remix of "Space Oddity" by mastermind Kaminanda is powerful and so respectful. Those tears and those emotions we all felt when we lost what was dear to us and near to us have been respectfully, intelligently, and crisply crystallized within this fresh remix from one of our more talented trend-setting and magnetic artists.

When Stephen Kaminanda learned of Bowie's death, he was on a stretch of shows that landed him in Greenville, South Carolina on the eve of a Seattle date. Pulling an all-nighter, holed up in his hotel room, Kaminanda poured his grief into this touching tribute, and was able to unveil it the next night for the appreciative crowd. Now, on the one-month anniversary of his passing, Kaminanda gifts to fans his finished product. Adding his own guitar solo and fueling the soaring original with plenty of global glitch and psy-dub flavors.

Kaminanda this week unveiled his spring tour dates, which kicks off tonight in Reno, hits a few spots out west this weekend, takes him to the in the midwest next month, and also brings him to The Untz Festival in Mariposa, CA from June 2-4. The tour is in support of his brand new album, The Infinite Breath which was released just last month on Kalya Scintilla's Merkaba Music.

Kaminanda spring 2016 dates

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