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Favorite ThisKaminanda breathes life into psydub with The Infinite Breath

Published: January 19, 2016

By: Joshua Krol

Kaminanda (Photo by: Jesska Cvijanovic)After a busy 2015, psy dub aficionado, Kaminanda, has returned with a collection of cosmic voyages featured on his newest 10-track album The Infinite Breath released via Kalya Scintilla's Merkaba Music label.

The EP contains a strong balance of psychedelic and sexy. Each song is a magical carpet ride through interstellar soundscapes where modern electronic meets ancient undertones. Winding through its parts is a Yin Yang of threads alternating light and dark tones, constantly walking the line between deep and dainty. Kaminanda’s skillful ability to conquer this duality makes for a fun and fulfilling listen.

The Infinite Breath opens with the dub-filled single, aptly named, “Celestial Dub.” This track instantly grabs ahold of the listener with its heavy drum slaps and deep, wobbly basslines. A collection of colorful synths shine over the syncopated beats for what will undeniably end up being a crowd favorite.

The next couple tracks maintain a consistent midtempo swagger that is surrounded by a variety of bright instruments that weave themselves throughout the harmonic rhythm. “Protectors Of The Realm” begins with a soft piano line that eventually shapes into a head-bobbing composition filled with a variety of instruments including a banjo, trumpets and chimes. “Hero’s Journey” ignites with an empowering vocal sample before building into tropical groove session.

The Untz Festival Phase 2As the album progresses, Kaminanda makes things more interesting by changing up the tempo. The uptempo “Lino Vino” has a catchy Reggaeton rhythm accompanied by a powerful bassline walking along an intergalactic synth. Kaminanda keeps the dance party going with “Liminal Zone,” a bouncy, groove-heavy track that is reminiscent of a Vibesquad jam.

As the album reaches the final few tracks, the tempo begins change again as Kaminanda throws down a sexy, trapped out tune called “Deep Resonance” before slowing things all the way down for the finale. “Blue Lotus” is led by a stretched out whomp and a female vocal chant. This tune sounds as if you were floating through space on a cosmic cloud. This downtempo excursion is also the longest track on the album clocking in at just under nine and a half minutes.

Once again, Kaminanda has proven his ability to blend the indigenous and the futuristic. The Infinite Breath is a perfect example of how he can embody the balance of masculine and feminine energies through his music. A solid effort which shows maturity and production growth.

Expect an eventful year for Kaminanda as he already has a few dates listed including a huge weekend at The Untz Festival from June 2-4 at Mariposa County Fairgrounds in Mariposa, CA.

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