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Favorite ThisK Theory - Magic City

Published: July 17, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano
San Francisco gunslingers K Theory are all about bringing pulsating and energetic cuts to their fans—apparent in the act’s mantra “Broken Beats, For Broken lives.” Their choppy style of rowdy bass music features a unique and addicting groove. On July 18th they will be dropping their newest release Welcome To K Theory via Simplify Recordings, but today we have a thrilling track off the EP that is sure to hold fans over who just can’t wait. “Magic City” is a tenacious, quick paced bump that contains erratic drum progressions and jagged synth bursts. Smack dead in the middle, the song cuts most of its layers out and unloads an exciting spoken vocal sample from the TV series Magic City; a perfect break section for the track, which makes its undeniable bounce seem that much sweeter when it pops back in.