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Favorite ThisJust in time for Phish Dick's, Collidoscope remixes 'Tweezer'

Published: September 1, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Labor Day Weekend means just one thing to the jam fans of Colorado: Phish at Dick's. As the perennial tour-ending 3-night stand makes its way to the Rocky Mountain state, another jam act on the rise strives to make its mark.

Funky electro-bass act Collidoscope out of Austin, Texas has also been putting in some time in Colorado. The duo of Hank Brigham and James Hatch, which stretches out to include more players on the live circuit, has taken on the towering jam Phish has turned into a staple for more than a quarter century.

The Collidoscope remix of "Tweezer" takes the bluesy rock riffs of Trey Anastasio, and blasts them with some full force funk, staying true to the original, but giving new fans and entrée to the world of the Texas twosome. It's brash, it's loud, and it's got our attention. The new remix is heralded by the news that Collidoscope will be announcing its own Colorado dates.

So, if you've run your Tahoe Tweezer into the ground, and you're looking for a reinterpretation to reinvest yourself in the iconic song ahead of this weekend's festivities, let the Collidoscope boys step into the freezer with you.

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