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Favorite ThisJosh Teed, Mindwalker & Abby Vice find each other in 'Dissonance'

Published: March 29, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

Josh Teed, Mindwalker, Abby Vice - Dissonance

For the past few months, I've been hearing nothing but praise for the musical stylings of one Mr. Josh Teed. Might just be the circles I run in, but fans of the bass music producer and violinist have been pouring out of the woodwork and filling up my feeds.

It's all well and good, because everything I've heard is pretty stunning. Teed has teamed up with Mindwalker and pianist extraordinaire Abby Vice for a three-headed collaboration our pals at Wormhole Music Group were lucky to pick up.

Dissonance” is an epic, cinematic bass banger that stretches over five lush minutes with huge drops and stunning melodic flourishes. It's a real powerhouse tune that these three talented artists have developed.

To celebrate the release of the song, Josh Teed, Mindwalker, and Abby Vice will all be performing on this week's Wormhole Wednesday livestream alongside the esteemed ill-esha. That's a damn barnbuner, and you can catch that stream every Wednesday evening on Twitch.

Wormhole Wednesday

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