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Favorite ThisJonah Hodges drops Portal today on ThazDope Records

Published: January 30, 2018

By: Hank S. Picious

Jonah HodgesToday's release from ThazDope Records comes from the ThazDope class of 2018. Just announced yesterday for The Untz Festival lineup, Jonah Hodges comes onto the scene hot and fresh.

Based in the Pacific Northwest output of Spokane, Washington, this newcomer brings an arsenal of soulful melodies meshed with extremely well crafted sound design. Adding to the label sounds from the likes of Alejo, Psydell, and Deerskin, this psychedelic wizard is ready to join the forces and take you on a one heck of a wild ride.

The title track "Portal" kicks things off. This track takes the listener straight to the front steps of the star gate as we enter into new realms of sound and thought. If you get caught in a portal your brain will fry. This broken beat has moments of soft subtle love that break out into a space ride on a new and unique wonky style.

"Hibiscus" kicks it up a notch! If you are a fan of the likes of Opiuo and Russ Liquid, this one is going to be right up your alley. Bouncey good feels all the way through this one.

This Way” is a breakthrough track full of energy. Starting off with a melodic rhythm that keeps this track moving forward the entire time. The twisted bass noises and sound design are proof that this guy is on fire.

All Encompassing” takes us back into the spiritual side of things giving us a moment to breathe on this journey right before taking us into another left turn in space and time. This song is a perfect addition to any late night set across the globe this year. The perfect amount of peaks and valleys and keeps the listener on the edge in anticipation as the audio story unfolds.

The final track on the EP titled "Westward" pays a respect to this mans journey from his home in Wisconsin to follow his musical dreams out west. Now planted in Washington for several years, he comes to us with his debut EP onto the scene and shows us easily why ThazDope label head Spankalicious hand-selected him for our festival lineup.

Go grab up this EP and get it spread! The Future is now. ThazDope.

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