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Favorite ThisJohnathan Thomas unveils experimental drum & bass tune 'Grizzly Giants'

Published: November 15, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Johnathan ThomasJohnathan Thomas is our resident footwork expert, but just recently he came to us with something a little outside his lane. On November 16, Thomas releases his Onset Audio EP, Grizzly Giants, which was inspired in part by his west coast tour earlier this year that put him amongst the redwoods of northern California. The B-side for the two track EP, “Nervous Wreck,” was a direct result of his harrowing drive on Highway 36 between Arcata and Chico.

Today we premiere the title track from the EP, ostensibly a drum & bass tune, but typical of Thomas, there's nothing textbook about this song. Johnathan Thomas utilizes his years of juke skills to make the DnB tempo and rhythmic pattern feel like the off-kilter and unsettling drive that fuels his wildly innovative tunes. As always, you feel that surge of energy from his music that makes him a sought after producer who is finally getting recognized for his contributions to the experimental sect of the industry.

Tags: Drum and Bass