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Favorite ThisJohnathan Thomas goes trap, juke & footwork on Levels EP

Published: July 30, 2016

By: Chris Conte

ShadowTrix Music has been laying out a treasure map of progressive sounds since its inception, debuting Shlump's Fracture EP, PartyWave's Trail Blazin' EP and Kozmo's Eureka! EP and a bunch more innovate weird bass sounds to entertain your eardrums. Now they are proud to present Johnathan Thomas' new EP, Levels.

The EP's first track, "Sky Level" combines an 80's synth vibe with heavy 808's and juke tempos that equate to something you may not have heard before. It really gets compelling with the second tune, "Cave Level," featuring the aforementioned Kozmo. They create this bass bend, that does donuts around your brain with a monster truck. It's like a heavy sideways pendulum swinging around your cerebellum. "Water Level" with JuJu Beats has this really chill future trap vibe perfect for a puff-puff-pass sesh. The heaviest track of EP is the ChopsJunkie remix of "Cave Level," which integrates juke and trap leading to a crescendo that will make you bob your head and turn up the volume.

ShadowTrix has a curious group of intriguing artists on their label. All of them releasing fire tracks with dope psychedelic artwork to boot.

Tags: ElectronicaGlitchTrap