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Favorite ThisjOBOT - Sometimes

Published: July 24, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

There's a new sound brewing in Joe Wendt's beat laboratory. jOBOT is exploring the fertile midtempo territory that's been home to a whole future funk movement spearheaded by a lot of Wendt's Headtron compatriots, as well as the glitch-hop scene writ large. "Sometimes" is an aggressively funky number with plenty of chopped up female vox pitch shifted and splayed across thundering drums. The slight nods to some of trap's more tasteful elements play an important role in the jiggling jambalaya of dance music styles. To top things off, Wendt's composition is part of a compilation from our pals at The Do Lab and Critical Beats benefitting the Rainforest Action Network. Friends of Lightning in a Bottle will send all proceeds from sale of the album directly to the cause. It's a good one to get behind.