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Favorite ThisjOBOT: (gratitude) EP Review

Published: October 8, 2012
By: Molly Gale

With the launch of his website on October 2nd, jOBOT a.k.a. Joe Wendt was kind enough to release the beautiful, multi-faceted EP (gratitude).  This Muti Music artist is often described as having a “Jekyll/Hyde”-esque personality, and with this EP he explores his darker, shadowy side.  This collection of tracks is a melodic, cerebral journey that has that magical Black Rock City sound.  Wendt is a classically trained jazz bassist, and his musicality shapes this album in wonderful ways.

“The Farthest” is an airy, relaxing soundscape that will sweep you away.  The genius mix of unique, dynamic instruments and affected male vocal melodies creates a track that remains peaceful, even while driven by a delicate but consistent beat. 

“What You Were Meant To Bring” possesses a haunting, mechanicalaesthetic.  This tune rides a deep, heavy groove while light, glitchy SFX build and grow into melodic explorations that are both edgy and playful. 

“Seldom There In A Time Of Need” maintains the sharp, metallicedge of the previous composition, but is much more light-hearted and tonal.  Though gaining some low, heavy weight at the drop, this song stays spacey and melodic the entire time.

The grandé finale of this EP is the lightweight, optimistic “Life Must Be Such A Breeze.”  Even with its heavy, droning bass line, this song is peaceful and utopic—a perfect place for jOBOT to leave his listener.  This is an end-of-the-night anthem that will simultaneously intrigue and soothe.

This EP is haunting, inspirational, optimistic and mysterious all at the same time.  Some of jOBOT’s most successful work yet, (gratitude) leaves us utterly excited to receive more of this LA-based producer and his self-proclaimed “Lovestep” when he releases his first official EP Until Tender on November 5th. 

(Suggestion: Listen to this one with headphones on.  jOBOT develops an amazingly dynamic acoustic environment with every track)

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