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Favorite ThisJK Soul - When There Is No Sun [FREE SuperBest Records DOWNLOAD]

Published: February 10, 2015

By: Mitchell Treend

When There Is No Sun, the brand new album from Slovenian producer JK Soul hits us in our gut. We have been following the rise of this tremendously talented producer, and are pleased to feature the release of his second full-length album.

For those unfamiliar, JK Soul bridges the gap between funk, jazz and bass with pure flavor and simple elegance. This new album is no exception and serves to show how versatile in production he can be. Mixing hip-hop elements, funky rhythms, and heated bass lines, each track has a little something extra to offer while maintaining a cohesiveness that leaves your eardrums humming with delight.

The second track, “There is a God…Somewhere,” is a perfect example of how silky the funk vibes can be under the controls of JK Soul. The vocal sample croons away towards the stars at a faceless power. Brass ensembles and steady drum rides pump the grinding synth forward. The glide of guitar chords calls back our attention towards a fading faith, unhindered and fleeting.

The next track “People Told Me” might just be my favorite of the album. All you need is a quick dial up on your speaker set and a sunny afternoon for what can only be described as a “banging good time.”

Nearing the close, we are treated to a sentimental and somber hip-hop ballad appropriately titled “LOVE.” Steady rockin', bass-laden, twinkling beat magic is all that can be said for JK Soul and When There Is No Sun with so much music to be digested in the raucous world of audio, these are 13 tracks worthy of your time.

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