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Favorite ThisJellyfish Brigade: Gills and a Helmet Review

Published: July 19, 2011

By: Gracie Roberts

Jellyfish Brigade was excited to announce the release of their debut album, Gills and a Helmet, on July 5. The Brigade is the new side project of Jeffrey Acciaioli, who is better known as The Great Mundane. After teaming up with long-time friend and skillful MC, Lucas Dix, the duo collaborated to produce a musical fusion of hip-hop, folk, and electronic sounds. Gills and a Helmet is a 6-track EP loaded with innovative, heartfelt songs that give fans a solid introduction to Jellyfish Brigade.

“Kerosene and Fireflies” kicks off the album, catching the listener’s attention with stringy synths, Dix’s smooth vocals, and a solid beat. Acciaioli maintains the electronic element of the track, layering whompy bass and soft melodies on top of the lyrics.

The Brigade’s single, “Dance in the Dungeon,” is a darker track with a hypnotic, dreamy feel. Lucas Dix sings the track’s chorus in between his complex, rapped verses. The track transitions into “Chasing the Shine,” which showcases both Acciaioli’s knack for creating melodies and Dix’s creative and original lyrics.

“Tremor Dancer” is a great example of Jellyfish Brigade’s genre—a perfect blend of hip-hop and slow, trancy electronica. The duo masters this unlikely mix by providing a bouncy beat complemented by passionate lyrics.

The album closes with two docile tracks that seem specifically designed for relaxation. “Dreams and Clean Weapons” and “Well Dwellers” help the listener unwind with distorted guitar, piano, and mellow beats. As always, Dix’s lyrics mirror the feel of the song, resulting in a harmonious blend of rap and electronic easy listening.

Gills and a Helmet has proven to be a successful first effort for Jellyfish Brigade. The album is now available for a “name your price” download via Bandcamp. Jellyfish Brigade has already received much praise for their album, so fans can count on hearing more from the duo in the near future. Acciaioli and Dix have taken an unusual combination of genres and made them into a unique, fresh sound for their listeners to discover.