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Favorite ThisJantsen - When the Beats Drop (TRAP VIP) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: June 10, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

It comes as no surprise that when a trend or genre hits the culture Zeitgeist and explodes like trap music has over the past year, audiophiles and production wizards everywhere will want to try their hand at the newfangled flavor of the week. Cracking knuckles and diving in headfirst is one of the premier producers of our time. Jantsen takes a second look at his "When the Beats Drop," bass blast from a few months back, and adds crackling snares, blaring sirens, and plenty of stutter to this gem, which in retrospect seems tailor-made for a trap reworking. If you'll recall, frequent Jantsen collaborator Bassnectar took a swing at this track not too long ago, and we are happy to report that the pair are working 'round the clock deep in Bassnectar Labs on a brand new joint. Not a bad way to kick off the workweek, eh? Grab this one with the click of a mouse.