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Favorite ThisJamie Janover - Spring/Summer 2011 Update

Published: April 6, 2011

Producer, DJ, percussionist, spiritual and scientific visionary, and hammered dulcimer maestro, Jamie Janover, is about to embark on a very busy summer schedule, packed full of solo shows, festival appearances, and presentations on the unified field theory.

Coming this June, Sonic Bloom is moving!  Janover's envelope-pushing electronic music festival has found a new home at Shadows Ranch in Georgetown, CO.  Located 40 miles away from Denver, the new spot features flat camping areas in the shade, next to a river.  The festival runs June 24-26, details coming later this month.

In anticipation of Sonic Bloom, there will be four pre-parties across the country.  There will be one at the end of this month in Denver, April 29 & 30.  As part of the Manifestation celebration, there will be The Manifestation Celebration in Dallas on May 7, followed by San Francisco on May 20, and finally NYC on June 11.

In addition to Sonic Bloom, Jamie Janover will be making summer appearances at Lightning in a Bottle, Wakarusa (w/ Karsh Kale), Shambhala, Underground Sound, The Werk Out, and of course, Burning Man.  

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