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Favorite ThisJalaya premieres darkly cinematic 'Resurrection'

Published: October 15, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

JalayaWe first came across Jalaya back when he was still going as U4euh. Our first encounter with his new moniker was his entry into The Untz Challenge, “Space Bass,” which really garnered him some notoriety and landed him a spot as a finalist in the competition. Then he teamed up with Ananaki just before the latter made his debut at The Untz Festival. Their tune, “Third Eye” made him a serious psytrap contender in our eyes, but now Jalaya Frisella Kunst is back with a whole new sound.

Today we premiere “Resurrection” from the shadowy, hooded figure. Moving in a different direction from the absurdist, psychedelic, playful fare of earlier releases, this latest tune is dark, brooding, and mysterious. More slimepunk than anything else, this noisy fuzzfest of barrel-chested sweeps and symphonic builds gives us some serious cinematic feels.

Kunst has an upcoming contribution to a much-anticipated compilation, and keeps busy in the Bay Area. This guy is one to watch, as we have been.

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