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Favorite ThisjackLNDN: Artist Spotlight

Published: July 20, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Every day is a thrilling adventure in the world of bass music. New artists are popping up and starting to gain accolades at an incredibly rapid rate, and it has become like a game to keep up with this madness.

One of the most recent producers to step up and unleash some fiery tracks is a young gun out of London named Jack Aisher who goes by the moniker jackLNDN. His infectious style of dance music is undeniably fresh, and infuses elements of different sub genres of house to create tracks that contain enthralling build-ups, and out of this world drops. He recently unleashed a tantalizing switch up for Zedd’s remix contest, and it is not something you want to look over. “Spectrum” is a heartfelt track that opens up with a remarkable reworking of Matthew Koma’s vocals, which will instantly suck listeners in while they fiend for more. Dreamy synth lines slowly pave their way and set the scene for the drop, which stays away from the heavy appeal that most remixes of this song have been geared towards. The song than moves towards an ambient and gentle middle section that that will relax its listener’s minds while they anticipate the next drop, which contains dance worthy beat progressions and genuinely atmospheric background tones.

Also recently released is a crunchy electro house banger called “Regnab,” which strikes immediately with a vicious 4x4 drum pattern and lofty synth bursts. The track features pumped up vocal samples that slide in and out of aggressive and slower paced groove sections, which will have listeners dancing the night away propelled by raunchy bass lines.

jackLNDN goes all out on these last two tracks, which are already starting to gain him attention as he continues to progress and hone in on his sound at a remarkably quick pace.

Tags: ElectroHouse